April 27th, 2010

I is just a puppeh, Worried

22: brb

H-hi. Um.

I'mma be gone for a few - uh, for a day.

'Cause I was bad and I bit someone an' Batou says p-punishment is he gotta kill me. I don' remember doin' it but I know I did it and I'll never do it again.

But it's okay 'cause I'll be back an'then I can go for walks!

Hey Mister Batou is there stuff to do when you're dead? Like fetch?


[OOC: Thom bit the Major. Per Batou's Code of Hammurabi Boat-wide vigilantism he has decided that Thom must pay equally under His Law, even if he is fluffy and adorable.

You are free to try to dissuade Batou! It might even work! (No, seriously. It might. This plot is not set in stone.) But the puppy will come back even if no one can make Batou see that killing puppies who don't even remember what they did wrong is a bad idea, so don't worry.