Thom (fetchthestick) wrote,

21: grr!

[There's a bump as the comm opens transmission - it seems to have been knocked accidentally, as often happens on the boat. But there's no happy chatter or the playful doggie noises that usually issue from Thom's frequency. Instead there's a low, murderous growl.

A skittering of claws on the deck, and the comm bumps again to end the transmission.]

[OOC: Should you encounter Thom, and should you look hard enough, you might notice there's a blue gem on his neck right below his collar. It may or may not be hidden by his ruff, depending on what he's doing at the time. Thom is not much of an opponent, but he is a juvenile canine weighing a good 50lbs or so and he could probably break an arm if he got his jaws around it. EXTRACTION IS UP FOR GRABS!! Major got it but feel free to backdate maiming or something idk]
Tags: can't stop barkin, event, is there a doc in the house, there goes the neighborhood, where's his owners when you need 'em
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