Thom (fetchthestick) wrote,

24: If you haven't seen him yet...

[The comm turns on to the sight of the inside of a canine mouth and white puppy teeth. There are crunching noises as Thom's teeth slip across the case.

About ten seconds in, the view tilts to show Thom, laying on his back and holding the communicator up above his head. His floppy ears lay open on the ground and his deep-keeled, fluffy chest leads to front legs with elbows jointed human-style. A fabric collar, mostly hidden beneath his ruff, covers an ornate metal band around his neck.

Thom's paws are huge, but they can't be seen.]

Oooh. There's a blinky light! I wonder what that mea--

[Time's up! Video cuts off.]
Tags: awww, doggeh, finding things with my nose, i'm just a puppy
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