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fetchthestick's Journal

12 October
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Last night I was in bed. It’s my own bed, it’s nice to curl up in. It’s right by Mister Talsin and Mister Xana’s bed, by their feet. I like it, I can hear when they get up.

But now I’m not there anymore. I don’t remember moving. Did someone move me? I’m worried. Was I taken? Was I stolen? Or did Misters put me here for a reason?

Nothing smells right. I can’t smell them, except on my own fur.

I’m on a bed. I’m not supposed to be on the bed, I have my own bed! I stay off the Mister’s bed unless they tell me to come up. But I’m on a Mister bed and I don’t know why, and I should get off it, but I don’t know this room or where I should go!

There’s a black box. Numbers and letters. I know them, I can read, Misters cared enough to teach me.

I shouldn’t touch it but I do.

Voices. People voices. Don’t sound like Misters, with their nice hissy words, but they don’t sound like pets either. Are they wild? Ferals? That’s kind of scary.

Maybe someone will tell me what’s going on –

What is THAT.

It’s a thing. It’s a thing by the door. I jump off the bed and hurry over, all fours, and I sniff it all over when I get there.

It. Smells. AMAZING.

And it feels SO GOOD on my teeth.

I hope I can keep it.